Bigg Boss Tamil – 8th August 2017, Episode 45 Update: Vaiyapuri gets Irritated!

Vaiyapuri talks to the camera addressing to his wife and children. He says he knows to do all the household chores with which he can help her. He feels his anger has come down too, so he asks his wife not to worry as he will come back as a new and great husband. Bindu starts washing the vessels after breakfast as Snehan, Aarav and Vaiyapuri talk about Ganesh being lazy. Snehan tells Bindu to talk to Ganesh and schedule the cleaning, so she doesn’t end up cleaning vessels all the time, which she admits to. Aarav and Vaiyapuri feel he doesn’t care about anything in the house other than himself. They are a little annoyed with his behaviour.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 45

Bigg Boss announces the task of the day, Bigg Boss Tamil house turns into Bigg Boss washing area. Housemates are divided into two teams with four people in one team. Snehan, Raiza, Bindu and Aarav are in team A, while Gayathri, Sakthi, Vaiyapuri and Ganesh are in team B. They are asked to fill the luxury budget list team wise and place it in the confession room. Bigg Boss says completion of every day task will give them 450 points while the overall point a team can get is 1800 over the period of days.

Only one team will win the task and the winning team will only get their luxury budget which they will not share it with the losing team. During the course of the task, each team should cook for themselves and shouldn’t share food with the other team. The washing task involves, washing differently stained clothes properly, buttoning the shirts, ironing the clothes and packing them in a cover. Each team has a quality controller, who checks the cloth quality of the opposite team. Bindu and Sakthi are made as quality controllers.

Teammates are not allowed to share clothes, detergents, soaps or anything with the other team. They have to get what they are able to from the slide. The park area has a slide through which clothes and other essentials are sent. The clothes come down with a buzzer sound which alerts the housemates about it. When both teams line up on either side of the slide to collect the clothes, Aarav grabs the swimming pool-cleaning-stick. He uses that to a great extent and collects a lot of clothes, detergents, soaps and buttons. Eventually Snehan’s team collects 11 clothes, while Sakthi’s team are able to collect only four.

The housemates start washing the clothes, to make the task easy they joke around while doing the task. Housemates take a break after washing as the clothes dry. Raiza buttons a few shirts while they dry, as Vaiyapuri starts whining about the task. He is not happy with the task and he feels, he is too old to compete with other housemates. He talks to himself saying he badly wants to leave the house, as he can’t keep up with this kind of task.

As Snehan prepares the coal for ironing, Ganesh relaxes by lying down in the bed. Sakthi and Gayathri are not happy with him. Sakthi informs Ganesh that the other team has started ironing which forces Ganesh to start working. Housemates complete the task towards the end of the day, they have the clothes packed for quality check, while another set of clothes slide down with the buzzer.

After collecting the new set, the housemates get ready for quality check. Sakthi checks the clothes and rejects 7 of team A’s clothes, so only four clothes pass the quality check. Bindu rejects two of the four clothes of team B. Bigg Boss calls Snehan and Sakthi to confession room and announces team A as winners as they win 450 points for the day, as team B gets no points. The day ends with tired housemates eating dinner in the dining hall.

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