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Mona Lisa is breaking the internet with this unmissable video

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Mona Lisa, more popularly known as Antara Biswas has had a very girl next door image in the house, and we totally love her for that. For most, her claim to fame was starring in a few Bhojpuri films. Now, if you are aware of Bhojpuri cinema you would not have trouble digesting that Mona has done a few sizzling scenes of the A category. But what we came across recently on Instagram, will give you a hard time accepting that Mona could be THAT bold. A s*x scene with another actress!


We knew Mona had a hint of BOLD and S*XY in her. Remember when she had no inhibitions getting in the hot tub with Gaurav Chopra for a task? But this..dayummm! Even the best of Bollywood actresses would shy away from a scene this bold and of this sorts. Madhuri Dixit and Huma Qureshi only suggested that they were a couple in Dedh Ishqiya. In the video below we see Mona Lisa trying to seduce another lady. After some reluctance the lady gives in to the temptation. I have zero clue about what they are saying, as it is in Bangla. It’s not just bold one for Mona Lisa, but quite bold for a Bengali film.

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Okay! Truth be admitted. I have no clue where this s*x scene is actually from. Googling “Mona Lisa Lesbian scene”, or “Bengali lesbian s*x scene antara biswas” is landing me on pages that I would have trouble explaining. So if you know where this gem of cinema is from, please feel free to enlighten us in the comments section below. The video seems of low production value, and is neither shot aesthetically, so a B-grade movie might be the answer to this question.

We totally wonder how the other two members of the M3 squad react to this video. We are talking about Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi! They will get yet another topic to pull Mona Lisa’s leg about. And seeing the current condition of their friendship, they actually can use a bomb like this dropped on them.

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