Begum Jaan 5th Day Collection, Business Graph Falls Down!


5 Days Total Collection of Begum Jaan

Three years back when Madhuri Dixit had led an army of women and taken to guns in Gulaab Gang, the film had a low reception at the Box Office. The film had a weekend of 9 crores and then the first week stood at 13 crores, before the lifetime closed at 15 crores. Circa 2017 and Begum Jaan, which has a similar premise of Vidya Balan leading an army of women who take to guns, the film is again seeing a low reception at the Box Office.


With an 11.48 crore weekend, the film has been doing somewhat better than Gulaab Gang, though overall it is catering to similar audiences and fetching familiar response. This was reflected in 1.87 crore that came in on Monday which has taken the overall collections to 13.35 crore.  We have seen a gradual drop in the box office collections of Begum Jaan due to the working days and lack of audience.

Today, on its Fifth day collection of Begum Jaan has been estimated around 1.59 Crore to make it’s 5 days domestic total as 14.94 crores. The film should go past the 15 crore mark by tomorrow, hence allowing itself a better Week One than Gulaab Gang. It was expected that this wonderful script based and such a star powered flick will definitely vibrate the film industry with its performance but the expectations went down seeing the box office collections of Begum Jaan by now.

Critics also reviewed it as a very good and entertaining movie and especially a treat for the women but it seemed as if audience did not enjoy it that much. Its collections are even low as compared to Vidya Balan’s previous release Kahaani 2 How so ever there have been slight risings in the box office business of Begum Jaan from its second day of release but still the figures are not suitable for such a talented & experienced stars and such a good story.

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