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Baji Movie Review & Expected Box Office Business

“Baji Movie” is all set to hit the screens this Friday on 6th February. Film Directed by Nikhil Mahajan and produced by Vivek Rangachari the film stars Shreyas Talpade and Amruta Khanvilkar in lead roles while Jitendra Joshi playes the main antagonist. Now, Story of the film Baji is a masked man who protects the villagers in times of danger and urges them to stay away from hunting for the treasure. But he has disappeared from the scene for quite a long time now and no one knows where he is; many don’t even believe in his existence, including Chidvilas (Shreyas). Chidu is the boy-next-door who runs to help anyone in need. He falls in love with Gauri ( Amruta Khanvilkar) but she wants someone like Baji who is courageous and brave. Sadly, Chidu is the stark opposite. Away from all this, evil is shaping up in the form of Martand ( Jitendra Joshi), a recluse who for his greed of the treasure turns all the villagers into slaves.

Baji Movie Expected Box Office Business

Shreyas swings easily between playing the tough guy and the affable lover with ease in his Marathi comeback. His transition is noteworthy and he adds authenticity to the characters by keeping intricate details like voice modulation and body language in mind. Amruta is seen after a long gap onscreen and displays a certain level of maturity while essaying her role. The best among the lot is undoubtedly Jitendra whose paranoid and menacing Martand is perhaps his best performance till date. Nikhil Mahajan created ripples with his debut film ‘Pune 52’ and he does push the boundary with ‘Baji’ by exploring a different genre. But ‘Baji’ suffers due to its predictability and length. Having said that, the film is surely a one-time watch for something that few filmmakers would dare to delve into and for the beautiful acting. Now, the Baji on an average is a good budget movie that has a unique taste of action and super hero movies unlike others released recently in Marathi. Yet due to the too high expectations and dramatization of this movie in different tone and location, we could expect Baji to gross either a good satisfying business on the box office or to emerge out as a successful release and blockbuster for the film makers and cast and crew of this film.

Rating: Coming Soon

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