Bairavaa (Bhairavaa) Review by Critics & Audience: Live Update


Vijay’s Bairavaa Movie Review

After the success of Theri, Vijay is back with his latest movie Bairavaa, which is also spelled as Bhairava. He has teamed up with Bharathan, with whom he had worked in Azhagiya Tamil Magan, which was not a big hit at the box office. Vijay has paired up with Keerthy Suresh, and Aparna Vinod and Papri Ghosh are the other two female leads in Bairavaa. Popular Telugu actor Jagapathi Babu is the villain in the Tamil movie, which has Sathish, Mime Gopi, Rajendran, Sreeman, Sharath Lohitashwa, Sija Rose, Sugunthan and others in the cast. M Sukumar has handled the cinematography, while Praveen KL has edited the flick. Santhosh Narayanan has composed the music and Nillayo, Azhagiya Soodana Poovey and Varlaam Vaa songs have impressed the viewers.


Bairavaa Story:

Bairavaa deals with a topical issue and exposes the politics in medical seat allocations. The movie raises a few serious questions and attempts to portray the problems from the common man’s perspective. Ilayathalapathy plays the role of an ordinary man, who stands up for a cause and clashes with powerful politician played by Jagapathi Babu. The trailer and teaser have successfully generated positive vibes around the film. It has to be seen whether the Tamil film lives up to the hype. The world’s first show of Bairavaa will be held in Singapore on Wednesday, January 11 and the film will hit screens in India a day later.

Vijay’s Bairavaa, which is just Few Hours away from its theatrical release. This Bharathan directorial stars Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, Daniel Balaji, Sathish, Thambi Ramaiah and has music by Santhosh Narayanan. Earlier it was reported that Bairavaa’s run time is 2 hours and 44 minutes, but now the latest reports infer that it is 2 hours and 48 minutes. It is said that the first half runs for around 1 hour and 21 minutes, while the second half has a running time of 1 hour and 27 minutes, which, put together, comes as 2 hours and 48 minutes (168 minutes). Bairavaa’s pre-release buzz has been phenomenal and we can expect the film to create wonders at the box office.

Vignesh Kandaswamy: #Bairavaa – Average. Entertaining 1st half with a very average 2nd half. Screenplay and Logics goes wayward in later half. Watchable(2.75/5)
#Bairavaa – Seems Bharathan wants to give a mix of Kaththi and Veeram. The pattern of the movie was very similar to what Veeram had.
Sorry the art direction is by prabhakaran. Good Koyambedu Set in the interval block #Bairavaa
#Bairavaa – Overall a film for the Vijay fans and also the regular audience can have a passable outing to an extent. Festival release +ve
#Bairavaa – Good Cinematography and Stunts throughout. Koyambedu set by Muthuraj deserves a thumbsup. Editing not that good.
#Bairavaa – Needs trimming. Motta Rajendran scenes and Azhagiya song can be easily trimmed.
#Bairavaa – SANA BGM is a big +ve while the songs are exact opposite. Azhagiya Soodana Poove song can be trimmed going forward.
#Bairavaa – Cricket Scene, Interval scene, 1st meeting with Daniel are the noteworthy mass scenes in the movie.
#Bairavaa – In a template mass movie, what matters is the new mass scenes. Bharathan falls short of new ideas and execution in 2nd half.
#Bairavaa – Apart from Vijay, Sana BGM and Sathish in first half are the big +ves. Daniel Balaji good. Keerthi decent. Jagabathi babu
#Bairavaa – Probably the movie which has showcased VJ dancing skills way below par. Dinesh not at all suitable for VJ songs.
#Bairavaa – Vijay is the Pillar of the movie. He holds on well but could have avoided his not so good childish body language in some scenes

Cine Tent: #Bairavaa 3/5 As expected a complete commercial package which delivered in okayish manner…
#Bairavaa 3/5 As it is @actorvijay steal d show.. Power packed Interval fight & Decent court scene r d biggest pluses…
#Bairavaa 3/5 #Ilayathalapthy carried d whole movie single handedly… Bharathan failed to balance the other characters.. m
#Bairavaa 3/5 Breezy first half with well executed cricket fight & Terrific Interval Block fight…Likeable…
#Bairavaa 3/5 Lagging screenplay in d second half is d worst part of the movie and Director should have trimmed d 2nd half by 20 min
#Bairavaa 3/5 Major drawback in #Bairavaa is @actorvijay has not utilised properly & there is no enough screen space for him…
#Bairavaa 3/5 The conversation with that doctor is much appreciated & the msg conveyed by the Director is respectable and much needed
#Bairavaa 3/5 Director should have concentrate more in screenplay as well as the mass scenes… commercial movie demands that..

Rajasekar: #Bairavaa first half – Bharathan got the packaging right. Ilayathalapathy Vijay completely steals the show, @Music_Santhosh BGM mercel
#Bairavaafirsthalf – good thing is that the film is not a mass masala. Story driven with perfect mass elements. Interval block – Theri
#Bairavaa first half – @KeerthyOfficial fits the bill as a homely nellai girl, gets the dialect right
#Bairavaa – Second half is just average, ends up just as a watchable commercial potboiler.

Sidhu: #Bairavaa: Flipside – should have been 20 minutes shorter with better songs. Could’ve avoided the lags in the second half that way.
#Bairavaa: The combo of Vijay, cinematography, stuntwork & SaNa’s theme result in superb mass scenes. Best thing about the film.
#Bairavaa: Bharathan’s first half is definitely superior to the second, but once again, his dialogues work very well. A pat for that.
#Bairavaa: Fine festive entertainment. Vijay zooms up the excitement in this everyday fare through his incessant charm. Likable mass movie.
#Bairavaa Interval: Delivers what it promised, a trademark Vijay entertainer so far. He’s in fine form, mass moments working out big time!

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