Badmashiyaan, Hey Bro & Dirty Politics 7th Day Collection – 1st Week Business Report

Badmashiyaan, Hey Bro & Dirty Politics Thursday Collection

Badmashiyaan– Other releases like Badmashiyaan are extremely dull couldn’t create any wonders at the box office. Badmashiyaan made a business of Rs.1 lakhs on Day 7th Badmashiyaan collections are too low to report. However last week released flicks along with the current ones all are just average runners on totality with one or two better options among them. None of the flicks can be expected to do excellent business but yes, few can come up as decent enough.

Hey Bro– Hey Bro is a 2015 Hindi Comedy Action Drama film directed by Ajay Chandhok, produced by Vidhi Acharya and Music by Nitz ‘N’ Sony (Nitin Arora & Sony Chandy) Lyrics by Pranav Vatsa. The film stars Ganesh Acharya, Maninder Singh, Nupur Sharma and Hanif Hilal. The film was released on March 6, 2015 with mixed to negative reviews. However, Ganesh Acharya’s “Hey Bro,” the film didn’t have any audience to begin with and terrible reviews killed it further. There was hardly any buzz around the film and even semi-decent songs couldn’t pull any audience. After a disastrous opening weekend film collected a negligible total of Rs.1 lakhs on its seventh day.

Hey-Bro-Dirty-Politics-Badmashiyan 2

Dirty Politics– Dirty Politics was the only film amongst the last week releases which was doing decent business. In spite of being trashed for its content by the critics, the film due to its sleazy content has been faring decently at the mass circuits. The Mallika Sherawat starrer collected Rs.68 lacs on Monday and Rs.62 lacs on Tuesday, thus taking its total to Rs.5.24 crores at the domestic box office. On its first Thursday, film collected a total of less than Rs.45 lakhs at the domestic box office. The film was delayed from its schedule due to censor issues and lost out on the audience attention due to that. It has been performing best in UP and especially at the single screens. The film, in spite of having a huge screen count, scored badly due to its poor content. Now, the “NH10” will hit screens on Friday and is carrying positive feedback from critics and Bollywood celebrities. Since it features Anushka Sharma in the lead role, the film might have a bumper opening.

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