Baaghi 15th Day Collection: 3rd Friday Box Office Business Report


Baaghi 15th Day Box Office Collection

Baaghi which is the recent hit movie that was released on 29 April on box office has been doing stupendous performance till now. It is the fifteenth working day for the film and still it has the high occupancy and public response with it. Baaghi in total 15 days has done a fantastic job in entertaining all the audience and most of the viewers have found it total paisa vasool movie. Though it was facing a little fall back in its income in the previous days due to the weekdays time, but now from today the film has entered in its third weekend and opened today with a very good occupancy.

Due to weekend time, most of the public watch movie and there are not many options for them to go for. Hence Baaghi is coming out as a favorable viewer’s choice this weekend also. However from today the film is facing serious competition from the newly released Azhar that has entered the box office today only and is also an awaited film of this year.


Due to good performance of Azhar on its opening day of release, Baaghi faced quite competition and collected comparatively lesser amount as it would have if there was no such good release. Anyhow total income earned by Baaghi today finally after competing Azhar and setting back Baaghi is around 1.01 cr*.

The figures are still very outstanding considering the new release to be commendable too and still Baaghi has managed to earn good income today. Overall these 15 days has been great and always in favor of Baaghi form the very opening day. What would be interesting from today is to see the neck cut competition between these two movies Baaghi and Azhar and finally know which movie lead other.

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