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All Is Well Trailer Review

Abhishek Bachchan seems determined to continue his career as a comedy star with his latest offering All Is Well. It opens with dollops of toilet humour setting the stage for things to come. At the heart of it, All Is Well is about a dysfunctional father- child pair much like Deepika and Amitabh in Piku. But this film walks down the path of slapstick and nonsensical humor instead and complete misses out on the emotional connect at least in the trailer. While Abhishek and Rishi are constantly at loggerheads, it is mom Supriya who suffers the most. Films Of India Asin plays Abhishek’s love interest and theirs is the same old done-to-death Bollywood romance. She is getting married soon, he is stuck with his daddy issues, blah blah blah.


You also have a comical villain in the form of Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who is trying to extort some money owed to him by Rishi Kapoor. Things get fairly confusing after that making us wonder if this muddled plot will actually amount to anything. Films Of India Abhishek and Rishi, both seem understated. And while we loved Jr. B’s stint as the loud and over-the-top Nandu Bhide, we doubt his poker-faced avatar will be enough to carry the film. Overall, the trailer lacks in laughs and drama as well. Hopefully, the film will have more substance. Directed by Umesh Shukla and starring Abhishek Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Asin and Supriya Pathak, All Is Well is slated to release on 21st August, 2015.

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