Akshay Kumar on CNWK for Singh Is Bliing Promotions- Checkout Some Picutres


Singh Is Bliing Promotion

Akshay Kumar can easily be the only actor who has been to Comedy Nights With Kapil for most number of times. Now, that is pretty obvious given the amount of films the actor delivers in a year. He has 3-4 releases every year which makes it customary for him to appear on the show that many time. And everytime he managed to create a laugh riot. He has a very wry sense of humour which goes perfectly with Kapil’s condescending one. Together, they make a great comic pair. Also, the fact that they both are Punjabis add a certain zany feel to the whole episode. Akki was spotted on the sets of Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma promoting his film. That may not be the big news as he appeared on this show many times, but Akshay appeared in a Sardar get-up while promoting, now that’s a news. Singh is Bling-starrer Akshay along with Amy Jackson has participated in the Comedy Nights and took the full out of this opportunity. Kapil, who is a genius at comedy timing along with Akshay Kumar, who master at comedy, had taken the roof off of the show.

Kapil Sharma has shared a light moment along with Akshay Kumar. In this Akshay Kumar appears as a Sardar in a white dress and red colour turban along with few other sardars. He is providing his 100% for making the audience attentive towards his upcoming film and to the favorable note audience is also very excited for the film. We can see Akshay promoting his movie on television shows, social media, and air channels and in reality shows too. The high note promotions are indicating good way for Baby as audience is aware of this film releasing soon and might result in extra addition to the favorable opening of the film. Singh is Bling, directed by Prabhu Deva and Produced by Grazing Goat Pictures. Lara Dutta, Honey Singh and Raajpal Yadav also are seen in different roles in this film. Singh Is Bliing releases on October 2, 2015.

Some Pictures from the Set of CNMK

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