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A AA Movie Review

Nithin and Samantha-starrer Telugu film “A…Aa,” which has been written and directed Trivikram Srinivas, has garnered positive reviews and rich ratings from film critics. “A…Aa” is a romantic comedy entertainer. The story is about Anasuya (Samantha), the daughter of a millionaire (Naresh). Her mother (Nadhiya) fixes her marriage with a rich guy, but she escapes to her aunt’s house to avoid from it. On her way, she meets Anand (Nithin) and falls in love with him. What happens when Anand is forced to get married to Naga Valli (Anupama Parameswaran) forms the crux of the story.

The critics say “A…Aa” has a routine subject, but director Trivikram Srinivas, who is known as a master storyteller, makes it an interesting watch with his brilliant screenplay. The first half and climax of the film are entertaining, but the dragging narration plays spoilsport in the second half, which is high on emotional quotient.


“A…Aa” has brilliant performances by all the actors and rich production elements. Nithin’s chemistry with Samantha and Anupama, Rao Ramesh’s comic timing, punchy dialogues, some comedy and sentimental scenes, music and cinematography are highlights of the movie. The slow narration is a drawback of the film. “A…Aa” has been rated an average of 3.11 out 5 stars. We bring you some critics’ verdicts and ratings for the film. Continue to see them in the “A…Aa” review roundup:

Idle Brain Ratings: 3.25

First half of the film is nice. Second half meanders a bit, but a good climax followed by punch dialogues of Rao Ramesh makes you feel good as you step out of the theater. Plus points of the film are Trivikram dialogues, Samantha and emotional scenes. On the flipside, the flashback of the film which is the foundation looks little hazy and the pace in second half should have been faster. On a whole. A.. Aa… is a pleasant family entertainer that has something for everybody. You may watch it!!

The New Indian Express Ratings: 3

While the story of Anand Vihari and Anasuya Ramalingam is something we have seen before, the way Trivikram elevates this into a thoroughly enjoyable film, goes to show why he’s one of the finest storytellers in the Telugu film industry today. Good acting, subtle humour and wonderful narration makes A..Aa an entertaining watch. Go for it!

AP Herald Raings: 2.5

Trivikram once again proved he is the ‘Master’ and he has narrated a family drama blended with all entertainment factors. The visuals are breathtaking and the gripping narration is a biggest plus. Casting is biggest plus and first half is so good. Anupama is definitely a new talent found and she will be the next big thing. Rao Ramesh scores more in climax. Samantha and Nithiin are the trump card and Trivikram has crafted them perfectly. On the negative side, the second half is a tad slow and in some scenes, we can feel the length is too long. Script also gets too stereotypical as it passes by.

India Glitz Ratings: 3.3

‘A Aa’ has no exciting storyline, but the performances surely are a great takeaway. Watch out for some nice scenes and visuals. Don’t expect big-time comedy. Expect Trivikram to entertain with interesting characters, besides intelligent dialogues. He gives them.

123 Telugu Ratings: 3.5

Trivikram once again proves that he is magician of his craft with A..A. The way he has narrated this breezy family drama with some lovable and entertaining elements are major assets. This is a film which will do exceptionally well with the family and overseas audience as the lead pair ensure that things fall in right place. If you ignore the predictable story line, you can take your entire family and watch the magic of Trivikram Srinivas in this feel good family entertainer. Recommended.

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