5 Reasons why Singam 3 / Si 3 will be Suriya’s Biggest Blockbuster Film


Important Reason to Watch Singam 3 / Si 3

Finally, the wait is over. Suriya’s Singam 3 is all set to open big across India on Thursday. The release of the film was delayed for more than two months due to various reasons, including Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s death, cyclone Vardah and Jallikattu protest. Suriya’s last year release 24, which was produced on a massive budget, was critically acclaimed and even managed to generate Rs 100 crore revenue for the makers from the worldwide ticket sales.


It wasn’t enough as it was expected to do better than that, given it was released on over 2000 screens worldwide, which was the biggest release for Suirya at the time. Singam 3, meanwhile, has already earned Rs 100 crore even before its release, according to its producers.

1) Kollywood’s popular franchise

Nobody would have predicted when the first Singam film came out in 2010, it would go on to become one of the most popular and successful franchises in Tamil cinema. It is also the best thing that could have happened to Suriya’s acting career as whenever he has faced trouble in making a dent at the box office, doing a Singam film has revived his fortunes. The film even inspired Bollywood’s Singham franchise, starring actor Ajay Devgan.

Singam 3 is already the biggest film in the series in terms of popularity, screen count and box office numbers. The trade pundits have predicted that the film is likely to earn Rs 50 crore on its opening day from the worldwide box office, which is at par with movies starring Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

2) Influential character

Durai Singam is arguably the most powerful and influential character played by Suriya. So much so that reportedly Suriya’s Durai Singam photo has been kept in various police training camps to motivate and inspire youngsters to join police forces. With his trademark handlebar moustache, Suriya embodies an incorruptible force in the police department, which is mostly ridiculed in other Indian films. Going by the promo videos, Suriya’s energy level playing Durai Singam in Singam 3 is at a whole new level.

3) Suriya factor

In a career spanning about two decades, Suriya has delivered a varied range of performances and has grown with every film as an actor. He has shown two variations in playing a cop onscreen. While he played a composed, reserved and emotional police officer, Anbuselvan, in Gautham Menon’s Kaakha Kaakha, he clicked with both niche and mass audience as Durai Singam, a no-nonsense cop who stops at nothing until he destroys his enemies.

4) Hari-Suriya combo

If there is one director who has exploited Suirya’s ability to make full-fledged commercial entertainers that made the actor a force to be reckoned with at the south Indian box office, it has to be director Hari. Before Singam series came along, the actor-director duo has delivered hit films like Aaru and Vel. And the duo has promised that Singam 3 will only be better and bigger than their previous outings.

5) High-voltage action

One of the important aspects of the Singam franchise is its edge-of-the-seat action sequences, involving high-speed pursuits. High-octane fighting scenes is another plus. This time Durai Singam has a formidable antagonist, played by Thakur Anoop Singh, the current holder of Mr World 2015. The climax face-off between the hero and villain composed by stunt director Kannal Kannan is said to have come out well. For this scene, Thakur was on a special week-long diet to look more muscular that he already is. So it is going to be a dynamic film packed with everything audience expects to see in a Singam film.

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