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Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Trailer Releases Tomorrow…

Shah Rukh Khan is finally coming up with his Raees trailer. The marketing team has planned out an extensive promotional strategy for the film as well. The trailer will be screened across 3500 screens on Wednesday at 11 am. SRK is also meeting and interacting with his fans and the media too. While the trailer hits the market in a few hours from now, here are 5 things that you will get to see in the trailer…


SRK, SRK and more of SRK!

The trailer will feature the leading man in a never seen before avatar. From playing the righteous man to the menacing bootlegger, SRK’s character will go throw various changes and transformations which will be captured in the trailer. SRK’s character and charisma spells Power with a capital P! Breaking the typical loverboy image, SRK’s machismo might just blow you over…

Spectacular action!

The film is loaded with some mind boggling action sequences. From parkour to gun fights, Raees will have it all. And the action which is a major highlight in the trailer will be shown in bits and pieces in the trailer too.

Not much of Mahira!

After the entire Pakistani actors episode, the makers wouldn’t want to risk. They will rather play it safe like they did with Ali Zafar’s character in Dear Zindagi. So there won’t be much of Mahira Khan in the trailer but there will definitely be a few shots. After all, she’s the leading lady yaar!

Whistle worthy dialogues!

The teaser gives you a hint of the storm that’s coming tomorrow. If the dialogues from the teasers piqued your interests and made you clap, the ones in the trailer will make you hoot, whistle and applaud like no other. Take our word for that!

Powerful supporting cast!

More than Mahira and SRK’s chemistry, the film deals with the liaisons and the cat and chase mouse between SRK and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. And this will be a combination to kill for! Add Zeeshan Ayyub to that list and you have an impeccable ensemble in place.

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