Rudramadevi / Rudhramadevi Total Budget & Screens – Releasing on 26th June Worldwide

Rudramadevi Total Budget

Upcoming super buzzed south Indian movie “Rudramadevi” finally is all set to hit the silver screens this month on 26th June. Based on the life of Rudrama Devi, a 13th-century queen of Kakatiya dynasty story, movie is full of action, drama and entertainment in it. Movie is riding to high in media buzz and audience excitement due to its highest budget and the wide release worldwide. Movie is being highly promoted nowadays on different platforms and this shows that Rudramadevi has got too high face value among the public. Budget being highest, resiliently Rudhramadevi is enjoying good favor on the audience response before the release and has made a tremendous image among public. Presence of all audience favorite stars from South Indian Cinema in the movie has led Rudramadevi to get a good launch. Anyhow, The Budget of the film is around Rs 80 Crore*. The upcoming film which has gained everyone’s attention these days.

Rudramadevi 2

Rudramadevi Releasing on 3000+ Screens Worldwide

Rudramadevi is all set to hit the South Indian as well as international theatres on 26th June with an earth shattering number of screens launch. Yes, the film is in huge hypes regarding its so big worldwide release on more than 3500 screens everywhere. Anushka Shetty Films have always been successful in entertaining and getting huge audience response throughout the country but this time it seems as if he is ready to surprise the overseas audience too with such a big platform. Movie will be released on widest number of screens and this will automatically affect the income and performance of it positively. As per the reports Rudhramadevi will release on approx. 3500 screens worldwide in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & English versions. Movie is expected to get a record breaking response on box office worldwide and both the factors high budget and wide number of screens are being estimated to highly turn in favor of this great movie.

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