Top 5 Reasons to Watch Gabbar Is Back – Starring Akshay Kumar

5 Important Reasons to Watch Gabbar Is Back

There can be umpteen reasons why anyone would go for a Akshay Kumar film. The star who rose in early 90s as a action-packed hero, who could do his own stunts with much ease is once again ready to floor his dedicated fan base with ‘Gabbar Is Back’. The film has been successful in creating an interesting buzz in the industry circles. With Akshay sporting a moustache in the movie—his uber cool style adds to the overall personality. We list out top five reasons for you to book your tickets in advance for this May 1, 2015 release:

Akshay Kumar:- The name says it all! He is one actor, whose films ensure complete family entertainment. The actor was last seen in ‘Baby’ which dealt with tackling terrorism, and in ‘Gabbar Is Back’, Akki will be seen kicking the butts out of corrupt officials. The promos and teasers have already given us a hint that in this film a lot of action will be seen—so all of those who love the genre and especially with Akshay in it, can book the tickets asap!

Action-packed thriller:- The film and its genre is best loved in the country. All our action heroes know that audiences will go bonkers looking at them perform some daredevil stunts on screen. It will quite interesting to see Akshay hit the culprits hard on their face and root out corruption (at least on ‘reel’). The action is one of the highlights in ‘Gabbar Is Back’.

 Gabbar Is Back Movie Dialogues


Music:- So far, the makers have released just two song—one featuring the ever beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan and Akshay Kumar titled ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’. While the other one is the title track of ‘Gabbar Is Back’. The romantic number ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ has already hit the right notes with the audiences, as it has a nice, fresh feel to it. Music by Chirantan Bhatt, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Manj Musik, and background score by Sandeep Chowta are something to look forward to for sure!

Shruti Haasan:- Veteran actor Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti has grabbed a great chance to prove her acting skills. Working opposite a superstar of Akshay’s stature will definitely give her career the much-needed boost. We all have seen her shake a leg here and there, but now is her time to prove her acting talent. Let’s see how Shruti fares in this one.

Remake version:- Bollywood is in awe of South hit films. So, this one too happens to fall in the same category. ‘Gabbar Is Back’ is a remake of Tamil film ‘Raman’ by AR Murugadoss. The original had Vijaykanth and Simran in the lead and was released in 2002. Although, Akshay’s remake version has a name which comes straight from the classic hit ‘Sholay’–reminding us all of famous villain ‘Gabbar’ played by Amjad Khan. However, this Akki starrer is bound to be different in many ways. The Hindi version is helmed by Krish, and deals with the story of a man who takes upon himself to abolish corruption from the society. How he does that, and what all he looses in the journey—remains to be seen!

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